Frangipani painting finished

90 x 90 cm

Acryl on canvasP1230047_End


Frangipani progressing

leaning in the corner for too long…


…it’s about time to finish this huge canvas (size 90 x 90 cm)… I will use it for my upcoming exhibition in late summer… #Plumeria #Frangipani

The calm before the storm…

Some felt ages ago I started to build up rocks with a modeling paste on a canvas and also inlcuded real sand in there… after spending time reading about Alfred Zoff (as part of the arty neighbourhood to my master thesis artist “Marie Egner”) and watching his amazing expressive landscapes (especially those depicting coasts and oceans) I went into the canvas as Zoff-like as possible which was not “that” easy if you work on a picture just by pure imagination and what you want to look it like in your head. (you can see my struggle on fb where I wasn’t happy with the spray of water… up in the air? reflux mode?)

The more I admire Zoff now for staying consistent with his thick and floating brushstrokes. Contrary to him I want “careful” in the background but also like it as an opposite to the foreground – hence the title (given by my brother).

I still need a wonderful golden frame that really fits…

The Skoglund-type Still Life…

As already stated on fb… I got inspirated by a very elegant “Nordic” European painting that I’ve seen at an auction and wanted to create something similar but more expressive and colourful… and…

…likewise to the orginial there is no water in the glass!

I love the sunny expression of the picture next to a calendar poster of Van Gogh’s Still Life with Pears (which is interestingly printed wrong-sides!!!).

Spiritual painting for a friend finished

Besides doing crazy research about the painter for my master thesis (Austrian Impressionist painter Marie Egner)… finally took the time to finish this canvas for a dear friend… (she has a postcard with the picture of a silk work and wished it to be transformed onto canvas – including a bit of an upsizing ;-)… the canvas measures 120 x 80,5 cm). If I would have to (re-)title the picture, it would be: “Energy out of the holy grail”

Another diadem with a veil

This third one will be worn by someone with dark hair… the previous two are for blondes… I hope to be able to post a picture of all three together which I’ve created for a sea-themed ball.

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