Dragon shirt (for my “dragon bro”) done

Finished the painting of the black shirt for my brother (he’s got an awesome dragon tattoo so the shirt totally fits). I started with a motiv for the front which he designed himself (unsymmetrical on purpose). It was a mistake to use metallic-white which was totally silver and shiny… so went back to repaint with pure white. Then somehow the process exploded and we both ended up in creating a massive dragon-sword-wings-combi on the back (including runic characters and a funny ballerina-like-bat-shape on the sword). Well, he loves it.

Mission accomplished.


Another diadem with a veil

This third one will be worn by someone with dark hair… the previous two are for blondes… I hope to be able to post a picture of all three together which I’ve created for a sea-themed ball.

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